The future of a nurse from Illinois has become uncertain after suffering from severe pain on her revised ASR XL metal hip implant. She has been hoping that her artificial hips may relieve her from the soreness, only to find out that the pain has gotten worst as she experienced continuous discomfort.

The incessant pain has caused Carol Strum, 85, to sue Johnson & Johnson subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics Inc. which was considered as the second case to go on trial this year out of the 10,750 lawsuits filed since DePuy made a recall in 2010 over its ASR hip systems.

The lawsuits that Johnson & Johnson is facing nationwide largely claims that the implants are defective -- a sweeping accusation which it had vehemently denied.

During the second hearing in March 28, 2013, Carol’s husband Mike testified before the jurors of the Illinois state court, saying that his wife, experienced much more pain and took twice as long to get back to her job as a nurse than when she had her first surgery, and that she no longer does certain volunteer work for her son's athletic program or helps her daughter practice sports as she once did.

"We don't know if she's going to need another revision, the pain is constant. We don't anticipate that going away," Mike said.


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